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No News is Good News?

Usually, that’s the case. But not so for blogs. No news on a blog is just a dead blog. In the past month and a half I’ve thought of many topics I could have blogged about. I even started drafting a post. But it wasn’t this one! I’m pretty sure what kept me away was a minor blogger identity crisis. After posting about uploading photos to Flickr, I began entertaining the thought that I didn’t want this to be a blog only about MS. Afterall, MS is just a part of my life.

After a month and a half mulling this over, I’ve come to the conclusion that it’s best for me to start this blog by focusing on the topic of MS and how I’m choosing to live with it.

So, where were we?

Well, in the past month and a half I have kicked my coffee habit and started taking a daily dose of Vitamin D3.

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Quitting Coffee Habit

Last month, after missing work for extreme fatigue when my period started, I decided to quit coffee once and for all. As I’ve slowly been modifying my diet, I have also become more in tune with my body. I started to suspect that coffee, of which I consumed at least 3 cups a day and sometimes a whole pot each day of the weekend, was actually contributing to my fatigue. Quite the opposite of what caffeine is known for! On top of that, I really don’t like the taste of coffee. I have to sweeten it up, adding empty calories to my diet. I used to add a packet of cocoa, but changed my coffee sweetener to turbinado sugar after quitting dairy.

So, after missing work again during my period, I decided to reduce my sugar and caffeine intake by kicking my coffee habit.

The first two weeks were rough. I would come home from work so tired that I’d sleep a few hours and then be up until 1:00 or 2:00 in the morning. It was terrible! While I was experiencing this, I really wasn’t aware that I was suffering from, well, from… withdrawal, I suppose.  Looking back, I can attribute it to going cold turkey with coffee. Hindsight IS 20/20!

I have tried a few cocoa coffees since then, and I just can’t finish one. Immediately I begin to have a reaction to the dairy in the cocoa. My stomach starts hurting and my nose starts running. Besides, they just taste too sweet anymore.

Vitamin D3

Perhaps a week or so after I quit coffee, I started taking a daily dose of Vitamin D3. We bought two bottles of Wellesse Vitamin D3 from Costco and after a month of daily doses, I’m just now close to finishing the first bottle. I started taking 2 tablespoons, which is 4,000 IU and last week upped my intake to 3 tablespoons (6,000 IU).

I’m very pleased with the results. It didn’t take long until I began feeling like my energy levels were at full capacity and sustained throughout the day. My mood improved as well. I was happy from the moment I woke up until I fell asleep. I’m a happy go-lucky type of person anyhow… but not sweating the small stuff just got that much easier. I’ve also been more motivated at work, increasing my productivity and overall sense of accomplishment.

I love you Vitamin D3!!

Four and a Half Months

It’s been 4.5 months since I was diagnosed and I have not had a relapse. Instead, I quit dairy & my coffee habit, lost 10 pounds, stopped those pesky daily headaches, become more in tune with my body, and just feel so much better than ever before.

And I’ve only just begun! I can’t wait to see how I’m doing a year after my diagnosis.


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