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Michaele Salahi COULD Have Multiple Sclerosis

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I created a custom Google news category for Multiple Sclerosis and check it every once in awhile. Currently, the big MS news is that reality TV celebrity Michaele Salahi claims to have had MS for years. Due to the controversial figures she and her husband have become, people are debating whether or not it’s a publicity stunt. There’s nothing to debate – they are getting a lot of publicity. It’s no coincidence it was announced yesterday, the same day their ebook was made available.

I’ll be honest, I’m curious to know what is said about Michaele’s MS in the book. I have yet to come across any reports about what detail, if any, is provided about how she’s been living with it for so long. Surely there has to be more to it than, “Michaele has had Multiple Sclerosis for years.”

But I’m not falling into their trap and spending my money on the book to find out.

I just hope she isn’t making it up. If she is, if Michaele does not have MS, then I have to give the Salahis props for choosing a disease that can easily be faked. She could lie that she’s been on the Swank diet for years, which can greatly reduce the disease’s progression. It’s true for people who have MS and choose to treat it with diet and nutrition. Thus, Michaele’s claim to have MS is certainly a believable lie. If she does have it, she’s done a good job managing it, helping to prevent further disease progression. She could be on the Swank diet!

What truly shocked me was how people with MS were so quick to judge Michaele. The last people on earth who should be judging the validity of her claim are those with MS. As we know, it affects everyone differently. Some of us are in wheelchairs, some use canes, and some get around fine without either. This is actually a great opportunity to help educate people about invisible MS, how we can have a disease but “look so good.”

Regardless whether or not Michaele has MS, turn their publicity stunt into an opportunity to explain how someone can have MS and what appears to people on the outside as a normal life. Get the word out and make your contribution to MS Awareness.


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