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Why I Decided to Treat My Multiple Sclerosis Naturally

When my husband and I began to suspect I might have multiple sclerosis, we spent a lot of time trying to learn how this could have happened. What variables in my body combined to make MS possible for me? Kinda like an equation, y’know? (X + Y) – (A x B) / Z = MS

This line of questioning led us to approach our “investigation” from the perspective of autoimmunity, not MS. I could have an autoimmune disease named multiple sclerosis. We learned that I could manage my autoimmune disease, of which there are many, by changing the way I eat. I wouldn’t have to stab myself and inject my body with manmade concoctions… isn’t that what I have been doing with processed foods anyhow? Plus, the side effects were much better than any of those caused by the pharmaceuticals! (I’ve lost 15 pounds this year) We already had The Paleo Diet book, so I began reading it and it made a lot of sense to me. The premise being that our bodies have not evolved as fast as our food supply has changed – we just can’t process these processed foods and are making ourselves sick with what we eat.

At my spinal tap appointment, the neuro gave us 3 different binders on 3 different drug options. I knew then that if the test results were positive, I would pursue a natural treatment. As we left, with 3 binders stacked in my arms, I knew I wouldn’t be opening any of them.

Since then, I have read The Anti-Inflammation Diet & Recipe Book (Black), The MS Diet Book (Swank), and Overcoming Multiple Sclerosis (Jelinek). I also watched the 7-part series on YouTube, The Paleo Diet and Multiple Sclerosis. It’s a recording of Dr. Loren Cordain, the author of the The Paleo Diet, giving a presentation sponsored by Direct-MS.

In the past 8 months since my diagnosis, I’ve gone back and forth trying to decide which diet to follow. The best I felt was when I was caffeine/dairy/gluten free for a few weeks. It really truly was the best I’ve felt in years… and I was just diagnosed this year. I should have stuck with that, but reading Swank’s book convinced me I could do gluten. Then Jelinek’s book arrived, and his advocacy for no meat at all made me throw my hands up in the air! If I combined all these diet recommendations, all I could eat were fruits and vegetables.

Thankfully, this weekend I came across an article by Dr. Mark Hyman* which led me to his website and the “7 Keys to UltraWellness.” Based on what I read there, I returned full circle to what I had learned about The Paleo Diet. And you know what was really fascinating? The bit about our mitochondria and energy (Lesson 6). Now I totally want to order Minding my Mitochondria by Terry Wahls!

As my early research about MS led me to autoimmunity, so has my research on how to naturally treat my MS. It’s really a new way of thinking about how we take care of ourselves… PREVENTION by way of putting good things into our bodies. Doesn’t it make perfect sense?

This website explains it all so very well. Much better than I ever could. You can start by choosing one of the Lessons that interests you, and once on the site, can explore even further.

7 Keys to UltraWellness

•    Introduction: My Philosophy of UltraWellness
•    Lesson 1: Environmental Inputs
•    Lesson 2: Inflammation and Immune Balance
•    Lesson 3: Hormones and Neurotransmitters
•    Lesson 4: Gut & Digestive Health
•    Lesson 5: Detoxification
•    Lesson 6: Energy, Mitochondria & Oxidative Stress
•    Lesson 7: The Mind/Body and Body/Mind Effect

* Please know that performing a Google search for Dr. Hyman will return results where he is referenced as a “quack.” These are primarily in reference to either his view on mercury and its relation to autism or the fact that he is selling products. Please also understand that he is an advocate for “functional medicine,” a very serious threat to conventional medicine and Big Pharma. There will most certainly be opposition to new approaches! Also know that he does sell products on his website. Don’t buy them! Read the information on the site and determine what makes sense to you and what you can apply to your own personal health plan.


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