Ms. Newb Moments #1 and #2

I just had a funny idea for a series of posts… my Ms. Newb Moments.

Number the One

This one was kinda funny… a coworker ended up explaining to me how to drink out of my Camelbak bottle because she had the same problem I did. So I can’t rightfully blame my MS on this one, but I sure felt like a newb when I realized my bottle wasn’t actually broken!

I tried drinking out of it like any other bottle, although you have to bite the rubbery mouth piece thing to get the water out. So I would bite it, then tilt the bottle up and back, and nothing would come out. Figuring my bottle had a defect, I ended up screwing the top off and drinking out of it like a cup. I drank out of it in this way for a few weeks.

One morning in the kitchen, I was drinking out of it (like a cup) and then explained to the aforementioned coworker how my bottle wasn’t working. She asked me how I tried drinking out of it, and I told her. Having done the same thing, but being smarter than I as she had figured it out on her own, she told me you bite and then suck the water out.

I tried it and was immediately amazed. Needless to say, I have been drinking more water now. It’s a very efficient water bottle.

Number the Two

This one doesn’t need much explaining and is most certainly influenced by my MS. Later in the day, particularly if it’s been really busy, my word call ability starts going out on me and I invent words.

This word mixup was said to my husband on the phone as he was grocery shopping for dinner.

When these moments not only occur, but I also remember to tweet them, I’ll post them here as well and call it my Ms. Newb Moments series. I think this could be a fun way to share how I make myself feel like a newb. Some moments will be MS-related, and some won’t.

Good times.


Recipe: Super Easy Dairy Free Almond Cocoa

As winter is now upon us and people are experiencing cold wintry weather across the land(s), I’ve seen a few hot cocoa recipes floating about. So I had to post my own!

Not only is this super easy and dairy free, it’s scrumptiously delicious.

Super Easy Dairy Free Almond Cocoa

Serves 1



  • Pour almond milk into a mug, with a little room at top for stirring.
  • Heat in microwave for a minute or two, depending on how piping hot you want it.
  • Put 2 tbsp. of chocolate mix in mug and stir.
  • Cup warm mug in hands and breathe in the wonderful aroma.


  • Make a  mocha out of it!
  • Hazelnut milk! Oh my…
  • Coconut milk. Rice milk?
  • Add cayenne pepper or cinnamon. Mmm…

Multiple Servings

  • Pour however many mug-fulls as people you are serving into a pan and heat on the stove.
  • Ladle heated almond (or coconut or hazelnut) milk into mugs, and stir 2 tbps. of chocolate mix into each.
  • Instruct everyone to cup their warm mug in their hands and breathe in the wonderful aroma.


The Crud Got Me, Slowly Recovering

I had last week off, the entire week of Thanksgiving off. Unfortunately, I woke up Monday morning to a sore throat. I went to the store and stocked up on chicken rice soup, orange juice, and my favorite: Throat Coat tea.

Needless to say, my efforts to prevent any more than a single morning sore throat were in vain. I missed Thanksgiving, but more importantly, the opportunity to see my brand new nephew who was born November 17.

I rested as much as I could and ended up calling in sick on Monday. It’s Thursday now, and I’m still waking up with the crud, but its severity has reduced.

This week at work has been challenging. Every year I take the last two weeks of December off. So after taking last week off, I have three weeks to get a lot done. And this week is just about over! Yikes! I’ve been drinking a lot of coffee, not resting as much or as well as I should, forgetting to take my Vitamin D, and experiencing headaches.

I even had a weak moment and consumed gluten when I was too tired to spend time on dinner and heated a can of chicken noodle soup. Argh!

The time I felt the best ever (during the summer) is becoming somewhat of a once in a lifetime dream vacation. I know it’s not and that it’s achievable once again. It just seems like a long way off. But I’ll get there. Perhaps slowly, but surely indeed.