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Post a Week 2011 Redux

My post announcing my participation in WordPress’s Post a Week Challenge was pretty lame.

There was a lot of fuel behind the fire that motivated me to sign up.

Fuel #1: I want to blog more often

Once a day is too much for me, but I’m pretty sure I can do once a week. Because it seems doable, I figured signing up for something to which I would have to commit will help me write more frequently.

Fuel #2: I want to redirect my blog

In all honesty, I don’t want to exclusively write about multiple sclerosis. Sure, it’s become a pretty important part of my life, but I want to write about other stuff too. If I had focused-topic blogs, I’d probably have one on MS, Food, and Pugs. So instead of managing three separate blogs, I’ll just make those my main categories.

Fuel #3: To care, or not to care

Since I started this blog, I’ve gone back and forth about whether or not I should blog at all. People I know may come across it. They may learn something about me they don’t know, something I didn’t tell them (GASP!). Essentially, it comes down to whether I care about taking that risk. I am finally able to say, “No, I don’t care!”

I figure that this is my space and I can do what I want here, regardless if anyone’s paying attention.

With that, I welcome the challenge of posting at least once a week. Now that I have freed myself from being a singular topic blog, I will have more to write about anyway!


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