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It Was One Year Ago Today: Vision Problems

It was a Thursday. The afternoon of February 4, 2010. My eyes began misbehaving. I would refer to it as a dizzy sensation, because I knew of no other way to describe it. I wasn’t dizzy, but my vision was.

The dizzy sensation was faint. It was like when you are lying/sitting down, stand up real fast, and experience that flash of a head rush. But it persisted, ever so faintly. The next day, it remained. I worked a full day, expecting it to go away at any moment.

But it didn’t.

It was still there when I woke up Saturday morning, and stronger. My husband and I thought I might be experiencing a visual reaction to our new 27” iMac we bought the previous week. The wide-screen certainly was an adjustment! If it was a reaction to the wide-screen, surely it would clear up in a few days.

I stayed home from work on Monday, to rest. Perhaps a full day resting at home would help make it go away? With a family, it can be hard to rest during the weekends. A nice quiet day at home might do the trick.

But it didn’t.

Tuesday morning was no different from Monday morning. The night before, we decided that if there was no change Tuesday morning, we’d go to urgent care. So we did. They took blood and a few days later they had the results. Nothing. As far as my blood was concerned, I was perfectly healthy.

I stayed home from work the entire week, resting and hoping it would just go away.

But it didn’t.


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