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Returning to True Intentions

Boy, it’s been awhile.

I think I figured out something. I do my worst eating when not blogging. I think. It’s been a little over two months since my last post and I have not been eating as I should. The reason I started this blog was to document my progress, blog about new ways of eating and whatever else I learn about MS, inflammation, the food supply, how we are all making ourselves sick. I thought it’d be a great way to help keep myself accountable to my own self-prescribed treatment plan. I still think it would. I just got a little lost back there, focusing on the blog and what to do about/with it instead of just writing.

As of today, I am returning to cutting dairy & gluten from my diet. Focusing on one week at a time seems to work for me. I am also returning to the true intention for this blog. Returning to both these things today will truly help document how changing my diet affects my health and overall sense of well-being.

For example, at this moment, I have a headache. It hurts. I’ve had them most days the past few months. Although I have not intentionally consumed any dairy or gluten today, I know that it will take some time before I begin experiencing the benefits of the change. About a week or two, in fact. It may get worse before it gets better. Such is the nature of withdrawals… yes, food withdrawals. Weird, I know. You can also experience food hangovers—just as fun as the other, more well known type of hangover.

To the return of true intentions!


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