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Not Returning to True Intentions and Blaming it on the Cheese

(screwed up that last publish, my apologies for double posting)

In my last post, I confidently declared a return to cutting dairy & gluten from my diet. But I was soon put on alert that my not-so-favorite time of the month was waiting around the corner. I’ve had some cheese, ice cream, gravy, and cocoa. Dairy is my weakness. My knees would agree.

Not only that, but my lower back started hurting, enough to warrant a day lying flat at home… and eating cheese, apparently. I haven’t been very active. The extent of my activity is walking to where I need to go and moving my fingers up and down as they type while sitting for hours on end. The weather’s been getting nicer here. Sunday was gorgeous. My daughter has a class downtown on Sundays. So when I picked her up, I walked about 10 blocks from the car parked in the garage at my work to the location of her class. After her class we went to the mall nearby and walked around looking at a few different shops, then walked the 10 blocks to the car and drove home. It was the next day, later in the afternoon, after sitting at work all day, that my lower back started hurting. I also felt an occasional sharp pain in my left front hip. I figured a night of rest would do the trick, but there was no improvement when I woke the following morning. I stayed home to rest.

This is not the first time I’ve experienced lower back pain like that. One time it was so bad I could hardly walk, and ended up paying a visit to the urgent care. They said it was Sciatica. It could have been. But now, knowing that I have Multiple Sclerosis, but not knowing how long I’ve had it, we wonder if it was related to my MS. Does the lower back pain I am now experiencing have anything to do with my MS? We don’t know. It could be. Google search found people who think their back pain and MS are related. I’m not sure mine is. I think it’s more likely that my inactivity + burst of activity + inactivity = a back trying to tell me that I’m really out of shape. Boy, I sure hope that’s what it is because I can do something about it. I’m already walking around more at work, and have started to take stretching breaks. I just need to make it a habit… baby steps toward a decent fitness program.

Needless to say, my return to true intentions for this blog is on course. Next week, after my not-so-favorite time of the month has passed, I will return to using food as my medicine. I’ll be better prepared anyhow. We need to pick up a new blender so we can make super good for you healthy shakes. I can’t wait to blog about them!


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