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Real Life Achievement: Official Parent

My husband and I are now Official Parents.

So my 18-year old son tells me.

As of today, he is finished with high school. Next week, he’ll receive his high school diploma. Apparently that makes my husband and I Official Parents. Ha! The logic of a teenager…

Actually, there may be some truth to it. Hindsight bestows us with the clarity of 20/20 vision, providing us with knowledge gained from the past 18 years of parenting the kid. It seems unfair, to us and our kids, that this 18 years of knowledge isn’t bestowed upon us as a gift at birth. A roadmap, if you will. Complete with a personality assessment of this brand new person we are meant to prepare for the world. But then, I suppose life wouldn’t be much of a journey if there were a map showing us exactly where to go. But boy, it sure would make parenting a heckuva lot easier! Especially through the dark foreboding forests of the teen years. Oy yoy yoy! If anything, we should be awarded a Parenting Purple Heart for having survived the teen years.

But I’ll be happy with my son awarding us with the very honorable title of Official Parent.


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