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In Which Ms. Newb Rambles and Starts Over

After a year of not blogging, it sorta feels like I’m starting over again. My two previous “return” posts could have been better. The title for the last one was all wrong and should have been something like, “What I’ve Been Doing The Past Year, With Photos!”

Originally, the Ms. in Ms. Newb was an MS, for Multiple Sclerosis—MS Newb. Because I want to talk about things other than MS, I changed it to Ms. I have often said that I feel like I’m new to this earth. Some people aren’t new, or it just seems like they’ve been here before, an old spirit, if you will. Not me. I feel like a little kid discovering everything for the first time all the time. Thus, Ms. Newb seemed to fit.

But don’t get me wrong; I do know some things.

This guy knows some things too.

So there’s an article I read earlier last month that’s coming to mind as I’m writing this. It was in the Yoga Journal magazine and the article was about starting over and embracing it as a positive way to make changes in your life and progress with personal goals. At the beginning of each year many of us make New Year Resolutions, only to find ourselves forgetting what we resolved to do just a few months later. We react by giving up. Instead, we should begin the practice of starting over.

It’s a lovely, and inspiring, article. I encourage you to read it when you have time.

I think my point is that while I don’t have this blog completely figured out, i.e., when to post, how to name posts, a strategy and if I should even have one, or even the “right” blog name, I will continue to write & post and make mistakes along the way; learning as I go. So, it’s no biggie that I went a year without posting. I did not fail. I gave myself the opportunity to start over.

Which brings me to how I’ve not been living a healthy lifestyle.

Starting over. Roses do it too.

The past year has been spent semi gluten-free and semi dairy-free. I have not incorporated exercise at all. My brain is foggy, my body is a pile of jiggly jello, and my energy reserves are low; I’m functioning at a reduced capacity and I don’t like it.

I’m starting over, once again, and it does not make me a failure. Starting over, over and over again, is truly the key to success. It may take some time to get there, but the lessons learned along the way, about ourselves and the world, are invaluable and worth every painful setback.

Bring it on!


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