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Instead of Resolutions, Make Changes Using One Word

Inspired by a post I came across—Change Your Life in 2013 With One Word—on Money Saving Mom®—I decided to do away with traditional New Year resolutions and use one word to effect change in my life throughout 2013. My word this year is Discipline, using the definition of “behavior and order maintained by training and control,” and it’s been working. It’s helped me get back on track with my treatment plan of food as my medicine, and I’m getting more done at work and at home.

About this time of year people may have altogether given up on their resolutions. The one word resolution is simple and incorporates the “practice makes perfect” method of habit-forming behavior. If you’ve given up on your resolutions, or just want to try this out, it’s not too late to choose a word for yourself. Just sit quietly for a few minutes and your word should surface above your swirling thoughts and make itself known to you.

Next month, I will be heavily relying on Discipline when I participate in the Health Activist’s Writer Challenge. Discipline encouraged to me to sign up for it, so it better stick around and help me get through it! Thankfully, yesterday all registered participants received a prompt for each of the 30 days, which means I can start working on them now. I am really excited to take part in this. Not only will it breathe life into this blog, but I will gain more practice writing and will be presented with the challenge of testing my Discipline.

I have wanted to blog about many of the topics in the prompts, so this will be fun and exciting. I can’t wait to share them with you!


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