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HAWMC 2013 – Day 1: Getting Started

Why do I write? Well, I started writing three years ago because I thought I could make a difference. Much like this line from Björk’s Hunter, one of my favorite songs.

I thought I could organize freedom; how Scandinavian of me.

While I am part Scandinavian, it is naive and, dare I say it, newbish, for anyone to think they can change other people. Three years ago, when I was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis (MS), I hoped to achieve the following by starting a blog:

  • Expose Big Pharma as a greedy monster that makes up health disorders for which it conveniently has remedies or treatments and then everyone would take up arms against their diabolical tactics.
  • Convince people with MS they don’t need drugs to manage their symptoms.
  • Contribute to the growing community of people with MS who are treating their symptoms naturally.
  • Convince everyone that our food, rather, processed food and convenience-centered lifestyles, are making us all sick.

It turns out all I really can do is share what I know and learn. People will decide for themselves, and they may choose to not make any changes. At best, what I write will plant a seed. Perhaps more information they come across elsewhere will water that seed, and as time passes while they continue gathering information, rays of sunlight will shine on the seed and it will grow.

I write because I hope to plant a seed; food for thought. I write to document my journey; leaving bread crumbs behind to see where I’ve been. I write because when I was diagnosed, I sought answers and shared experiences online; I want to pay it forward, to others seeking as I did.

As part of WEGO Health’s third Health Activist’s Writer’s Month Challenge, I am challenging myself to write 30 posts in 30 days using prompts provided for the event. Wish me luck, or join me!


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