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Find a Boson, then a Wormhole, then Meet the Grown Ups

I loved this bit in today’s Urban Survival report by George Ure so much I had to share. I agree wholeheartedly with this point of view.

Coping: With a UFO Sighting

With “summer” nominally here, we arrive at the time of year when UFO sightings generally go through the roof.  Sure enough, I’ve already had my first phone call from an acquaintance who spoke – a bit freaked-out – about seeing his first-ever UFO.

He’d worked out it’s altitude and because of his life experience when he ballparks it in the vicinity of 4,000 (AGL) you can take that part to the bank.   As you can his description of it being almost sky-colored, but off to gray, looking like a coffee cup (held at arm’s length overhead to give you an idea how big this puppy was) although it had a flat kind of backside to it.

I’ve never seen such a thing!

Well, welcome to the club.  And yes, finding your world rocked by such an in-your-face encounter is disturbing at a fundamental level because when you think about it, all the old stuff you were programmed to believe may not be the whole truth of what goes on in the world.

George Noory had a couple of very interesting guests on CoastToCoastAM last night:  Kathleen Marden (her website is here) and Denise Stoner (who also has a website).   What I meant to tell this friend of mine (and I don’t think I articulated it very well) is that disclosure about UFO’s is actually in progress.

The reason I say “in progress” is simple:  The world is full of various religions and – like it or not – the odds seem high to me that much of what’s wrapped up as religion is really just old off-planet visitors dropping by which we (humans, which I call the recipe apes) couldn’t articulate well, so we wove the cloth of religion and it’s been a decent hand-me-down.

We also have other indications that disclosure is a process rather than a single event because it has been slowly leaking out, piece by piece.   And its probably a good thing, too.  The reason is that it would create huge amounts of economic displacement if it were to come all at once, but countries which have figured out that UFO’s are real, are already dialing back on their space investments using conventional technology because they likely have something way cooler in the pipeline.

Like what?   Well, as my friend saw first-hand, most of the UFO’s exhibit a shimmering aspect to them.  Sort of like looking at something through a mirage on a hot desert morning.

This seriously increases the odds that there is either space-time bending OR universe transitions going on.  Don’t forget to watch all the episodes of Fringe while holding in mind the PTB hint: “The movie is the message.”   Then go look at the billion dollars a year being spent by CERN alone in trying to decode how all particles work because once we get there, we can move on to the some of the dimensionality kinds of research…

First you find a Boson, then you find a wormhole.

Then you get to meet the grown ups.

They’ve been through before, as religions captured the story, and even then they were arguing amongst themselves over how to handle us “recipe apes.”

The obvious game in play is simple:  they come by fairly often, take lots of lab samples, and try to figure out what the hell we’re doing and whether we’ll actually be able to noodle our way off the rock.   But, as I tried to explain to my friend, when you zoom-out just so, you can almost see a graceful design pattern of working to get off the rock, conditioning for contact, yet trying to maintain a global economic system.

It’s really quite a graceful machine when you think about it:  It may even get the maximum number to souls to the “finish line” whatever that is.

Best guess:  We’re higher dimension creatures who’ve been stuck in a physical universe and we’re in a game to pass the time and learn something.   When I figure out what?  I’ll get back to you.

Religions do capture a lot of ultimate Truth is their sayings.  One of which is “As above, so below” and variations on that.   So let me ask you:  Has it occurred to you that the role-playing games (RPGs) where we run around finding keys to move up to new levels is likely a “truth leak?”  Isn’t it just possible that RPGs are the “as below” part that mirror a larger “as above?”

Think about it.  Then look around.

CERN is hunting for another one of those keys.  So are the physics dudes.  And my friend just got a glimpse of the game’s next level.

Oh, also on point: Capt. Midnight promises that he will still get around to telling one of the most compelling “life after death” stories ever…but it fits the design pattern, too” A glimpse into the next level – and a spontaneous healing of his father’s game piece (body) which still has doctors scratching their heads.

The Game, you see, is more grandly and gloriously complex than average recipe apes can imagine. Yet all by Laws…and the pursuit of understanding those finds us….keys!

via UrbanSurvival.com: Financial and Socioeconomic News Update.


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